All Trip times are if water levels are normal and does not include time spent swimming, fishing etc.

Trip #1-Fries Park in Fries Virginia to our shop boat landing in Galax VA – This is a 2 mile scenic float with very little paddling that can be done in 45 minutes to an hour  by boat and a 2-3 hour float by tube when waters are at normal levels, that does not include any stopping time for swimming, fishing etc. 

Trip #2– Riverside Dr boat landing in Fries VA to Old Town/Delps Beach boat landing in Galax Va -This is a 6 mile calm float that takes 3 1/2 hours of paddling

Trip#3 (Reservation Only) – 58 bridge boat landing in Independence Va to Riverside Dr boat landing in Fries Va – This is an 8.5 mile moderate float that contains a class 2 rated rapid. This is a 3 1/2 hour float

Trip #4 (Reservation Only) – 58 bridge boat landing in Independence VA to Old Town/Delps Beach in Galax Va- This is a 14.5 mile float that is a combination of float trips #2 and #3 and will be at the least a 6 hour float

The tube float location will only be for trip #1.


Canoe Rentals

Trips #1 – $35.00

Trip #2  – $45.00
​(2 boat minimum)

Trip #3 – $45.00 

Trip #4 – $60.00 
​(2 boat minimum) 

Kayak Rentals

Trip #1 – $30.00
($5/hr for 3hr+)

Trips #2 – 40.00
​(2 boat minimum)

Trips #3 – $40.00

Trips  #4 – $60.00
​(2 boat minimum)

Tandem Kayak Rentals

Trip #1 – $40.00

Trip #2 -$60.00
​(2 boat minimum)

Trips #3 – $60.00

Trip #4 – $70.00
​(2 boat minimum)

Tube Rentals


Only Available for Trip #1
Regular Tube $15.00 each
($7.50 second trip same day)

Double Tube $25.00 each
($15.00 second trip same day)

Large Cooler tube $15.00 each

((Take yourself and return at closing $30.00))



Rentals will have a 3:00PM cut-off time on the weekday.
Rentals will have a  4:00PM cut-off time on the weekend.
Each additional rider per canoe/kayak will be $5.00 each.
Single lifejackets rentals will be $5.00 each​​
All Rentals include Paddles, Rope, and Life Jackets. Shuttle Provided for Trips #1-4
Pets ride for free!!

NOTICE: You have 24hrs. to cancel or change your reservations. Failure to do so will result in a full charge for your cancelled rentals.

BEFORE renting equipment or departing for a trip you will need to sign our liability wavier form.

IMPORTANT: Group Leaders, we MUST have a Liability Waiver signed by the legal Parent or Guardian ONLY for each person in your group under the age of 18.

What to bring on your

river adventure

We recommend bringing:

  • water shoes
  • change of clothes
  • towels
  • sunscreen
  • camera (waterproof, or with a case)

We carry a ready supply of merchandise incase you forget!​